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12 Photographs of Minneapolis Parks

We are incredibly thankful to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and City Officials who have worked so hard to keep our Minneapolis park system open and safe over the past few months. Although recreation centers and sports fields have been temporarily closed, there remains countless acres of green, public space for you and your family to explore, exercise, and relax in.

In honor of National Photography Month, our May listicle showcases 12 photographs of 10 different parks across Minneapolis (some you may know, and some you may never have even heard of). There are 180 parks across our city, so this is just scratching the surface of the many beautiful park photographs we know are out there.

In accompaniment to this post, we would love for you to share your favorite photos of Minneapolis parks – either that you have taken, or someone else’s with their permission. Let’s celebrate the beauty of parks this month through the lens of photography! Share your photos with us on:

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We’ll share your wonderful contributions with our audience throughout the next couple of weeks! Thank you.

#1. Diamond Lake / Todd Park

#2. Stevens Square Park

#3. Powderhorn Park

#4. Jordan Park

#5. Gluek Park

#6. Saint Anthony Park

#7. Matthews Park

#8. Harrison park

#9. Armatage Park

#10. Farview Park

Additionally, If you’d like to explore more park photos on Instagram, we’d recommend checking out the following accounts:


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