EVENTS | Photos from – and thanks for – our summer solstice benefit

July 18, 2012 by Janette Law

Board Member Mark Addicks and his partner Tom Hoch lit up the unseasonably cool and rainy first day of summer, Wednesday, June 20, with their warmth and hospitality as hosts of our Summer Solstice Celebration and Benefit at their home on Lake of the Isles.

We appreciate their generosity of spirit and space, as well as the commitment and support demonstrated by our many attendees, especially our dedicated Board Members, our generous donors. Thank you!

Please enjoy these photos of the lovely event!

Summer Solstice 2012

[img src=]73501 The Gardens
[img src=]33902 The entrance
Hosts Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch warmly welcomed guests to enjoy their home and gardens.
[img src=]31403 Our hosts
President Mary deLaittre, with event hosts Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch.
[img src=]29604 Dan Avchen
Dan Avchen, Chair of the MPF Board of Directors
[img src=]19105 Cupcake eatery
Cupcake proved their epicurean expertise with summery appetizers, as well as delightful desserts.
[img src=]14705.1 The repast
Wine and appetizers were placed throughout the home, encouraging guests to explore and gather in conversational spaces.
[img src=]13105.2
[img src=]13505.3 Dessert
Guests took home Cupcake eatery's four Food Network-award winning desserts.
[img src=]31306 Thank you Board Members!
Board Members (L to R): Mark Addicks, Mitch Kern, Joe Gibbons, Dan Avchen, Cecily Hines, Wendy Holmes, Dean Engelmann, Mary McCarthy, Paul Reyelts, with Mary deLaittre
[img src=]19807 Guests mingled and savored the evening
[img src=]17807.1
Deborah and Michael Rybak
[img src=]21507.2
Event host Tom Hoch with Lew Remele
[img src=]18407.3
[img src=]20307.4
Joe Gibbons and Judy Dayton
[img src=]23407.5
Tom Morin and John Skogmo
[img src=]20807.6
Amy Kern and Emily Galusha
[img src=]21507.7
[img src=]24207.8
Jen Yoos, Vince James and Charlie Lazor
[img src=]18508 A view to remember
The view of Lake of the Isles

Photos by Bill Hickey

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