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What’s yours, mine or ours? Questions SiteSeeing kids ask–and answer (photos)

July 24, 2013 by Janette Law

Spencer Bauer, design curriculum co-instructor and landscape architecture graduate student, fills us in on what the SiteSee-ers have been up to:

We were working with concepts of land ownership and usage, focusing on the themes of “mine, ours, and theirs.”

We had a brief discussion in the classroom before hitting the trail with worksheets set up to define various physical features, institutions, and areas within their neighborhood. We then rallied back at Creekview to discuss some of their own findings on our walk.

It was great to see their point of view of these spaces as well as to educate them with my and (co-instructor) Coal’s ideas and views. Next week we are excited to look at the historical development of the community through a series of historical maps, photographs, and aerials.

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