View and comment on the Feb. 13 Water Works design presentation

February 16, 2014 by Janette Law

Water Works Design Team – SCAPE, Rogers Partners, James Lima Planning + Design – presented this Water Works design-in-progress in Minneapolis.

Click through for insights into this dynamic public space on the mighty Mississippi’s only natural waterfall, along with detailed slides of the designers’ suggestions for landscape design, year-round park programming and integrating with the site’s urban surroundings.

Then share your thoughts with us and the community in the comment section, below. THANK YOU!

2 Responses to View and comment on the Feb. 13 Water Works design presentation

  1. Daniel Ettedgui says:

    This looks like the right direction for enhancing the desired growth of downtown’s population, engagement with nature/the river, the city/arts and culture/vibrancy and desire to feel the urban vibe of other human beings enjoying life in Minneapolis. Great cities have great green areas within a reasonable walk/bike for residents and tourists. Minneapolis is ripe for these new blossoms of growth.

  2. Emily Naparalla says:

    I think the design team has done great work analyzing the site and community’s history and balancing this rich resource with the needs of the city today and into the future. I think that the city of Minneapolis lacks a strong, urban presence at our waterfront- a connection that is seen in so many exceptional cities. This is an historically, environmentally and physically complex site but I think that it has the capacity to bring the city to the waterfront in a meaningful and purposeful way that enhances the identity of Minneapolis. For these reasons, I like the concept of including a dining component as well as other programmed elements and activities that support it as a natural space within an urban environment.

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