Updated: Vote for Minne’s lake on Facebook & by Comment – through May 27

May 14, 2015 by Janette Law

Voting is complete. Thank you for your participation! More details to come.

This post has been updated with a second option for voting.
Please read on for details!

Help Choose Minne the Lake Creature’s 2015 Summer Home

Vote May 14-27 on Facebook or by Commenting Below*

Minne is a winsome floating sculpture and a free public art project supported by the Minneapolis Parks Foundation.

Originally named _ [ _ by her creator, Minneapolis artist Cameron Gainer, she’s better known by the name she was given by fans in 2010 – Minne, the Lake Creature.

Now for the third consecutive year, you can help choose which Minneapolis lake Minne will make home for summer 2015.

Vote for One of These Beautiful Lakes

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Voting is Easy!

Via Facebook

  1. Find us on Facebook.com/MplsParksFoundation
  2. Look for the photo album titled “Vote for Minne’s 2015 Summer Lake Home”
  3. Vote by “liking” the photo of the lake (or lakes) of your choice

Via Comment

Simply name your lake of choice in the comments, below.Remember – the six lakes pictured above are eligible for Minne’s visit this year.

We’ll combine the votes with Facebook votes and announce the winner May 28.

Every “like” counts! Vote for Your Favorite Lake Before Wednesday, May 27!

20 Responses to Updated: Vote for Minne’s lake on Facebook & by Comment – through May 27


    I don’t use Facebook but I’m voting for Lake Harriet.

    • Janette Law says:

      That’s a great idea! We’ll add comments to this post as a way to vote.

      Thanks for participating, Larry, and for inspiring a new way to get more people involved.

      All the best,


  2. hannah says:

    I vote for Lake Harriet! Thank you for making a way to vote not using facebook!

  3. John says:

    I vote for Wirth.

    Thanks indeed for non-FB voting.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Lake Harriet!

  5. Wahlstrom Richard says:


  6. Oliver Brown says:

    I want Lake Harriet because I live very close.

  7. Jim Novotny says:

    Lake Harriet (see above) .

  8. Sally Novotny says:

    I choose Lake Harriet too .

  9. Lee Zwickey says:

    I wish to have my vote for Minne a Lake of the Isles, we are FACEBOOK so we are hoping this vote counts, we will vote “Minne” before by May 27

  10. Nate Hildenbrand says:

    Lake Calhoun love to see it for the summer

  11. David Zwickey says:

    Thanks, for giving me the chance for voting for Minne’s 2015 home be Lake of the Isle. We don’t live real close to the Isle’s but drive around it at least twice a week to enjoy the people friendly venue (and puppy dogs too)

  12. Janette Law says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your votes! Votes made here are added to those on Facebook for a total. Voting ends tomorrow, so please spread the word to friends!

  13. Holly Evans says:

    Lake Calhoun!

  14. Kathy says:


  15. Kris says:

    Lake Calhoun!

  16. Kathleen Sapp says:

    Would love to see Minne in Calhoun!

  17. Janette Law says:

    Thank you for voting for your favorite lake! The winning lake will be announced Thursday, May 28.

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