2016 Donors & Volunteers

The following individuals, families, foundations and corporations gave generously to support the Minneapolis Parks Foundation in 2016, through direct donations, capital campaign pledges, support for the Parks Foundation’s annual event, and the gift of time and materials. Your contributions make it possible for us to help transform human life by aligning the community’s vision for parks with philanthropic support.

Thank you!

Stewart and Romy Ackerberg
Mike and Betsy Akerson
Allison Albritton
Dennis and Nancy Alfton
AmazonSmile Foundation
Caroline Amplatz
Terry and Bruce Anderson
Leslie and Miles Anderson
Michael and Margaret Anderson
Dena Anderson
Kathleen Anderson
Nick Anderson
Connie and Mark Andrew
Kelsey Arneson
Arthur T Erickson Charitable Foundation
Cathy and Frederick Asher
Bruce and Martha Atwater
Aubrey Austin
Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Robb Bader
Thomas Bailey
James Baillie and Jacqueline McGlamery
Gary Baker and Sarah Evert
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Jonathan Bargen
Barr Engineering
Janet Bartels
John and Rebecca Bartlett
Paul Bauknight
Doris and Tim Baylor
Carol Bechtel
Mary and Keith Bednarowski
Barbara Bencini and Bill Janohosky
Kathleen Bennett
Elisabeth Bennett
Sue Bennett
Barry Berg and Walter Tambor
Margit and Tom Berg
Best Buy
Best Buy Company – Company Match
Ann Biggar
Mike and Mary Binkley
Birchwood Café
Peg Birk
Nancy and Mark Bjork
Renee and Daniel Blomberg
David Blomquist
Bluestem Holding
Will and Margaret Bracken
Leila Brammer
Edna Brazaitis
Daniel Breckman
John Breitinger
Bremer Bank
Thomas Bretl
Dorothy Bridges
John Briel
Gregory and Rebecca Brown
Robert Bruininks and Susan Hagstrum
Jonathan Buerg
Adam Buhr
Allan and Mary Lou Burdick
Robert Burgett
John and Jane Burton
Claire and John Butler
Ann Calvert
Gretchen Camp
Arthur Campbell
JoAn and George Carlson
Thomas and Anne Carrier
Jennifer Carruthers
Sarah Caruso and Dick Hurrelbrink
Sam Cayze
CenterPoint Energy
Amy and Patrick Cheever
Beth Childs
Ann and Bruce Christensen
Erica Chua
Whitney and Sarah Clark
Helene Clark
Steven Clay
Micah Clipperton
Wendy and David Coggins
John and Audrey Colasanti
Ralph and Ruth Colby
Laura and Nicholas Coleman
Albert and Susan Colianni
Cinda Collins
Leigh Combs
Ogden and Jane Confer
Anna Coskran
John Coskran
William Costello
Bradley Coulthart
John and Page Cowles
Tyrize Cox
Tom Crew
Spencer Cronk and Brendon Bujold
John and Laura Crosby
Laura Crosby and Daniel Enebo
Anthony Crowell
Ouida Crozier
Cynthia Froid Group
Bobbi Dahlstrom
Damon Farber Landscape Architects
Mary Daschner and Dan Chowen
David and Leni Moore Family Foundation
Rob and Liza Davis
Mary Jane Davis
Jane and Joe Davis
Mark and Patricia Davis
Megan Dawnson
Sherry Ann and Edward Dayton
Judy Dayton
Tom and Lisa Delich
Lou DeMars
Tim Dempsey
Department of Landscape Architecture
Michael and Michelle DeVaughn
Lexie DeVries
Caren Dewar and Todd Otis
Kristin Dick
Joseph Dickinson and Karen Schleske
Liz Dillon
Marie Doering
Maryrose Dolezal
Kevin and Beth Dooley
Douglas and Wendy Dayton Foundation
Jennifer Downham and Andrew Williams
Joan and Richard Downham
Nan Dreher
Bryan Duerfeldt
Jonathan Duesman
Dianne Dufresne
Lynette Dumalag
Sarah Duniway and David Brauer
Bartley Dunn
E.A. Sween Company
Nazie Eftekhari
Paul Egeland
Joel and Barbara Eisinger
Casey Ek
Karla Ekdahl and Peter Hutchinson
Eloise and Carl Pohlad Family Fund
Jane Emison
Carol and Kenneth Engelhart
Nancy and Rolf Engh
Andrew and Vicki Erdmann
ESG Architects
Steve Euller and Nancy Roehr
Tom Evers and Erin Sugrue
Nicole Falk
Ron Falk
John Farrell
Roger Feldman
Charles and Anne Ferrell
Ruth Finglass and Kevin Kubach
First Avenue and 7th Street Entry
FirstService Residential Fund for Community Excellence
Leah and Jamieson Fish
Tom Fisher and Claudia Wielgorecki
Beverly Fitzgerald
Sharron FitzGerald
Fiona Forbes
Meg Forney and Jon Fagerson
Paula Fox
David Frank and Wendy Holmes
Dayna Frank
Frank & Frances Wilkinson Foundation
Jacob Frey
Konrad Friedemann
Ian and Carol Friendly
Glen and Carol Fuerstneau
Jennifer and Zachary Garman
General Mills Foundation
George Family Foundation
Tucker Gerrick
Susan Gerstner and Daniel Carlsen
Lindsey Geyer
Joseph Gibbons and John Cullen
Lida Gilbertson
E. Peter and Julia Gillette
Tom Godfrey
Terri Gold
Mary Ann Goldstein and David Benditt
Timothy and Anne Goodman
Henry Gould
Susan and John Graber
Tim Grady and Catherine Allan
Kathleen Graham
Betty Grant and Bill Casey
Gray Plant Mooty Foundation
Penelope and Mark Greene
Kristal Grigsby
Katherine Grumstrup and Michael Bing
Gary Guldbeck
Susan Gunderson
Eric and Priscilla Hagen
Rob Haire and Karla Ludzack
Jennifer Halcrow
Nor Hall and Roger Hale
Donna and Bryce Hamilton
Elinor Hands
Tieng Hang
Jule and Betsy Hannaford
Shawntera Hardy
Sarah Harris and David Holmgren
Karyne Harstad
Teygaen Hartman
William Haskins
Dan Hasty
John Haugen
Elizabeth and Van Hawn
Carol and Bud Hayden
Greg Heath
Anne and Peter Heegaard
John Heer
William Heinzen
Julaine Heit
Mark Heithoff
Paul Helgeson
Kevin Hemping
David Hendrickson
Larry Hendrickson and Barbara Forster
Lindsay Henning
Russ Henry
John and Diane Herman
HGA Architects and Engineers
Carrie and Richard Higgins
Cathy Higgins
Curt Hillstrom
Elizabeth Hixson
Lisa Hondros and Steve Christenson
Michelle and David Horan
Gregory Hromatka
Gabriela Huelgas Morales
Elizabeth Huey
Jonda Hughes
Penelope Hunt
Jake Hurwitz and Doreen Frankel
IBM Employee Charitable Contributions
Diana and Greg Ingraham
Edward and Marian Issenhuth
Guy and Nancy Jackson
Kathie Jacobson
Mary and Fred Jahnke
Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew
Craig and Jean Jentz
Tommy and Julie Johns
Edward Johnson
Michael Johnson
Jenny and Matthew Johnson
Lea Johnson
Janna Jonely
Stella and Conrad Jones
Britton Jones
Suzanne Joyce
Chriss Joyce
John and Kathy Junek
Phyllis Kahn
Michael Kalpiers
Chad Kampe
Karen and Kevin Kandz
Matt Karl and Todd Starich
James and Joellen Kaster
Michelle Kellogg
Tim Kennedy
Susan Kennedy
Lisa Khang
Mike Killeen
Steve King and Susan Boren
Kendall King
Julia Klein
Darrell Koehlinger
Ray Konz
Gail Korell and Douglas Brown
Murray and Letizia Kornberg
John and Mary Ann Kosmas
Cynthia Kriha and James Eastman
Christine Krsnik
Hart and Susie Kuller
Carol Kummer
Anita Kunin
Judy and Martin Kuretsky
Katherine and Ian Lamers
Carol Lansing
Joe Larkin
Craig and Kathy Larsen
Lee Larson
Marty Larson and Lisa Neitge
Garrett Lawlor
Joann and Don Leavenworth
Dana Lehigh
Brian Lenk
Kathy and Al Lenzmeier
Lawrence Levine
Holly and Barrs Lewis
Wade Ley and Natalie Zigler-Ley
Leah Leyendecker
Mark and Meaghan Lieburn
John and Searcy Lillehei
Carol Lindborg
Jean Lindholm
Scott and Paula Litman
Henry and Ginny Llop
Melissa Lockhart
Justin Long
Michael Love and Jeanine Kelley
Ali Lozoff
Robert Lunz
Barbara Lupient
Lupient Automotive Group
Mary Lynch and Kurt Kelsey
Lee Lynch and Terry Saario
Ann and Reid MacDonald
Joanne and Roderick Macdonald
John Maceachern
Diane and Richard Madlon-Kay
Robert Madoff and Jane Korn
Louise Mageli
Sheldon and Beverly Mains
Holly Malcomson
Sherman Malkerson
Lori Malvey
Jodi and Jeffrey Mandyck
Margaret and Angus Wurtele Family Foundation
Catherine Marsh
Wesley and Barbara Mattson
Lee Mauk and Russ Bursch
Mary McCarthy and Brian Zelickson
Marilyn McConnell
Bill and Judith McGrann
Mary Kate McKelvey and Chris Bercaw
Molly and Matt McKinney
Julie McNally
John and Jane McNaughton
Don McNeil and Emily Galusha
James McRae
Kevin Mealey
Medtronic Foundation Grant Program
Jan Mehlhoff
Ann Meisch
Susan and Geoff Michael
Jayne Miller
Glenn Miller and Jocelyn Hale
Charles and Laura Miller
Zack Miller
Steve and Lucy Minn
Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council
Minneapolis Downtown Council
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota Twins Community Fund
Lucy and Robert Mitchell
Amanda Moeller
Christine and Andrew Moir
Valerie and Richard Moore
Leni and David Moore
Sheila and Jonathan Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan
Robert Morgan
Virginia Morris
Patricia Mullen
John and Diana Munger
Max Musicant
Steffanie and Matthew Musich
Avi Nahum and Jean Holloway
Emilie Nangle
Iric Nathanson and Kevin Duchschere
Adam Nathe
Mary and Scott Neiman
Susan and Jeffrey Nelson
Marilyn Nelson
Roxanne Nelson
Gary and Claire Nelson
Jean Nitchals
Diane Noble
Lisa Norman
NTH, Inc.
Katie Nyberg
Steven and Judy Nyman
Kathleen O’Brien and Jeffrey Loesch
Colleen O’Dell and John Eichten
Adrienne and Stephen Oesterle
Peter and Julia Offenhauser
Ed and Charty Oliver
Deanna Olson
Chris Osmundson
David Ott
Julia and Brian Palmer
Carla Pardue
Tom Paul
Paul and Mary Reyelts Foundation
Peace Coffee
Scott and Kristi Pearson
Lee Pederson
Katherine Perry
Rebecca and Patrick Persons
Gloria Peterson and James McCarthy
Tom Pettus and Cecily Hines
Karen Pfarr
Beth and Wes Pfeifer
Christine and Jeff Phillips
Linda Picone
Susan Pilarski and Sue Vikse
Katya Pillings
David and Susan Plimpton
Peggy and Edward Pluimer
David Plut and Cheryl Jacobs
Tom and Lindsay Pohlad
Pohlad Family Foundation
Mary Preston
Susan Prince
Susan Printz
Prospect Creek Foundation
Mark Pryor
Kelly Ptacek
Ann and Matthew Putnam
Lora Pyka and David Abel
Leena Ranade
Martha and David Raymond
RBC Wealth Management Foundation – USA
James Rechs
Susan Reid and Mark Schmidt
Julia Reiland
Lew and Connie Remele
Rickie and John Ressler
Paul and Mary Reyelts
Brian Rice
John and Rebekah Richards
Mike and Katherine Richardson
Ann Riemersma
Kristin Rigg and Jim Ronald
Jennifer Ringold
Jeanne Ritterson
Carolyn Roby
Leeann Rock
Maura Rockcastle
Cole Rogers and Carla McGrath
George and Karen Rosar
Elaine Rosner
Gordon and Maureen Rudd
Patricia Ryan
R.T. Rybak and Megan O’Hara
Andy Sable and Sarah Gable
Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Board
James and Van Sanders
John and Mary Saunders
Ann and Ron Sauter
Save Our Minneapolis Parks
Nina Sayer and Alexander Rothman
Brenda Schaeffer
Rachel Scherer
James and Melissa Schifman
Heidi Schmidt
Bryan Schmidt
Elizabeth Schmieg
James Schoettler
Lawrence and Mary Schwanke
Robert and Barbara Scott
Susan Searing
Erin and Patrick Sexton
Abbey Showalter-Loch and Tim Showalte-Loch
Carolyn Shrewsbury
Doug Silverman
Chad and Kelly Simich
Thomas and Kathryn Skalitzky
Eric Skalland
David and Leslie Smith
Colleen Smith
Steve Smith
Susan Smoluchowski
Nancy and Richard Solum
Dawn Sommers
Donald Sovell
Susan and Gary Specker
Matthew Spector and Lisa Vincent
Spiller L’Chaim Fund
HoneyBaked Ham
Charles Spolyar
Robert Stableski
Andrea Stein
Mari Steinbach
Barbara and Norman Steinberg
Karen Steiner
Janis and Jim Stephenson
Adele Stock and Mark Chowen
Stone Pier Foundation
Marcia and John Stout
Jody Strakosch
Patricia Strandness and Bruce Shnider
James Stripe
Suzannah Stulberg
Jerome Sturgeleski
Thomas and Pat Sugrue
Lisa Sullivan
John and Linda Sumner
Anne Suntas
Carolyn and Leslie Svendsen
Craig Swaggert and Tanna Moore
Albert and Diane Swintek
Michael Symeonides
Barbara Szurek
Anita and Robert Tabb
Kenneth Talle
Veeti Tandon
Melissa Tangye
The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
The McKnight Foundation
The Minneapolis Foundation
The Pentair Foundation
Jeffrey and Tricia Thomas
Chris Thomas
Kari Thomas
Lucy Thompson
Kristin Thompson
Keith Thorkelson
Thrivent Financial Foundation
Brian Thyr and Danita Carlson
Mark Tierney and Katie Hebson
Ryan Tollgaard and Mariah Furness Tollgaard
Marcia Townley
Travelers Corporate Match Account
Natalia Tretyakova and Gregory Janis
Andrea Trimble Hart
Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Trump
Trust for Public Land
Mackenzie Turner
U.S. Bank Foundation – Matching Gift Program
Anne and Tom Ulseth
United Health Foundation – Matching Gifts
United Properties
UnitedHealth Group
University of Minnesota Foundation – Real Estate Advisors
Valspar Foundation
David and Lynn Vander Haar
Katie Ka Vang
Linda Varvel and Martha Hewett
Peter Vaughan and Cathy Anson
Mary Vaughan
Ventura ESOP Fiduciary Services
Nancy and Douglas Verdier
Virginia G. Puzak CLAT
Martha Von Blon and Tom Meyer
W M Foundation
Kyla and Richard Wahlstrom
Walker Art Center
Liz Walton
Wanner Engineering
Willa Ward
Amy Warner and Michael Haney
Brent Webb
Richard and Linda Webb
Kathy Wedemeyer
Jill Weese and Steven Vincent
Linden Weiswerda
Lori Wellman
Mary Ann Wesselman
John West
Amy Westendorp
Veronica White and Victor Marrero
Bob Whitlock and Peggy Weber
Mary and Benson Whitney
Liz and Andrew Wielinski
Frank and Frances Wilkinson
Daniel Williams
Cora Williams
Ed Wilms
Nancy and Mark Wilson
Whitney Windmiller
Frederick and Eleanor Winston
Barbara Wood Rockwell and Winthrop Rockwell
Janet Woolman
Elizabeth Wray
Jeff and Joan Wright
Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Program
Ker Xiong
Schoua Na Yang
Monica Yang
Riff and Lori Yeager
Martha Yunker
Aaron and Erika Zabler
Julie and Charlie Zelle
David and Leone Zwickey