Parks Foundation supports access to lifetime outdoor recreation

January 20, 2017 by Janette Law

In the 740-acre wooded wonderland in North Minneapolis known as Theodore Wirth Park, a system-changing improvement is underway. In partnership with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, The Loppet Foundation is building The Trailhead, a new year-round facility and trail expansion in Wirth Park that will magnify opportunities for youth and adults to experience outdoor recreation.

Giving access to lifetime activities like walking, running, skiing, biking and paddling is one of the ways that parks have the power to transform human life. That’s why the Minneapolis Parks Foundation contributed $5,000 to The Trailhead Campaign. Public-private partnerships like that between the Minneapolis Park Board and the Parks Foundation and the Loppet Foundation are an important part of helping the Park Board fulfill its mission to protect and improve parkland and promote health, well-being and community.

As parks supporters and community members, we’re grateful for the Loppet’s visionary efforts to “create a passion for year-round outdoor adventure” and look forward to celebrating the grand opening of The Trailhead in 2017!

Featured image ®The Loppet

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