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In May 2012, a rare tornado tore through several miles of Minneapolis, tearing roofs off homes, tumbling cars down the neighborhood streets, and ripping 40-foot trees from the earth like weeds from a flowerbed.

Responding to the immediate need for “re-leaf,” the Minneapolis Parks Foundation raised funds for 400 replacement trees in four Minneapolis communities, as part of the “Northside Treecovery Program,” a joint effort led by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board with several agency and community partners.

Why We Love Trees

“What trees do is essential though often not obvious,” Jim Robbins wrote for the New York Times (April 2012). Among the many individual, community and taxpayer benefits of trees:

Tree-lined Streets…
  • Are safer.
  • Cost less to maintain.
  • Reduce traffic congestion.
  • Mitigate air and noise pollution

ACT factsheet_greenstreets.

Green neighborhoods with parks and open spaces…
  • Draw neighbors outdoors and encourage interaction.
  • Give children nearby spaces for outdoor play.
  • Encourage walking and physical activity.
  • Increase property values.

ACT factsheet_health

(Facts courtesy of Alliance for Community Trees)


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