2015-18 RiverFirst Concentration

Minneapolis Parks Fellow

At a time when parks are central to multiple large-scale private and public development projects in Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Parks Foundation identified RiverFirst and the Water Works site as the primary focus for our inaugural two-year Minneapolis Parks Fellow program.

MPF identified RiverFirst and the Water Works/Scherer projects for their transformative potential, rapidly advancing development and broad local and regional support. MPF also has a history of private-sector leadership in RiverFirst.

Bruce Chamberlain as the first Minneapolis Parks Fellow. A long-time resident of Minneapolis, Chamberlain is a national award-winning urban designer who has spent his 22-year career helping communities envision a vibrant future. Chamberlain is the immediate past-Assistant Superintendent of Planning for the Minneapolis Park Board. (Read Chamberlain’s bio)

Core Work

During his two-year term as the Minneapolis Parks Fellow, Chamberlain, together with Parks Foundation Staff and Board, will:

  • Work closely with the Minneapolis Park Board to shepherd complex RiverFirst projects including:

Water Works project
Hall’s Island/Scherer project
Upper Harbor Terminal
Upper Mississippi Riverfront trails and neighborhood connections

  • Provide guidance and direction MPF’s University of Minnesota College of Design Research Assistants and explore the possibility of creating an on-going student internship as part of the Parks Fellow program.
  • Help envision tangible outcomes related to creating and supporting the Next Generation of Parks.
    Facilitate strategy workshops with other park professionals around the nexus of park design and city building and around the RiverFirst vision.
  • Help establish the Minneapolis Parks Fellow as substantial voice in promoting a forward thinking vision for Minneapolis Parks and providing implementation skills needed to bring complex projects into reality.