Water Works FAQ

  • 1. Is there money dedicated to building Water Works?

    The Minneapolis Parks Foundation has a private pledge toward Water Works. Water Works is also part of the RiverFirst finance strategy — to be released early June 2013 — and is on the docket at the State Legislature for funding.

  • 2. What is the relationship of the proposed Water Works project to past work on the Water Works site, specifically the MS&R/HRA-led Conceptual Development Plan?

    Past work on the site, including the Conceptual Development Plan, and other plans and community engagement exercises, are provided for your reference and as a means of understanding the complexity of the environment — physically, historically and jurisdictionally. Within this context, you are expected to create your own concept — not further develop past proposals — with an understanding of past work.

    The Conceptual Development Plan was an exercise with many goals that included:

    • Explore a variety of ideas of what could be at the site both programmatically and in terms of design;
    • Cultivate community support around the creation of a park;
    • Identify assets, challenges and opportunities to creating a year-round multi-functional destination;
    • Identify next steps for implementation.
  • 3. Is an economic consultant (HR&A or similar) expected to participate in this next phase either as a consultant directly to MPF, or as a sub-consultant within the team to be selected?

    The design team is expected to be interdisciplinary, with very strong Landscape and Urban Design expertise. The team will be able to work collaboratively with and draw from the expertise of professionals comprising the CMRPP. If a team feels the need to have an economic consultant as part of their team, that is to their discretion. Please note that Water Works is part of the RiverFirst Finance Strategy to be released in June 2013.

  • 4. The RFP makes reference to a “schematic design concept,” and to “design development,” though their use suggests that in this context they may be intended as synonyms. These are typically two distinct phases representing sequential evolution of the preceding “conceptual development plan” authored by MS&R/HR&A in 2012. Could you please clarify if the intention is to move the 2012 concept plan to a final schematic design package, or, to complete both a schematic design package and a design development package?

    The selected design team will create a schematic design concept — with conceptual development of architectural and other features as necessary — and identify programming opportunities for the Water Works site. The team will create their own design, NOT move the Conceptual Development Plan into schematic design or design development phases.

  • 5. Regarding site “development,” is it accurate to conclude the context of the MS&R/HR&A plan calling for pavilion(s), including a revenue producing restaurant and compatible park related services, that an architect should be part of the interdisciplinary team?

    The Conceptual Development Plan is strictly for context and explored many programming opportunities. The selected design team is encouraged to identify its own programming opportunities and determine their team composition.

  • 6. Is the current team (Tom Leader and KVA) precluded from submitting to this RFP?

    The Water Works project is open to all design professionals and professionals with supporting expertise.

  • 7. Is there a general budget that you have for the consultant fees?

    There is a draft budget, however we look to design teams — as the experts — to scope the project and create a fee structure that would best represent their approach and deliverables while providing best value for the client.

  • 8. Are the adjacent sites included for potential complementary development?

    The team is expected to create a framework for development, looking specifically at the project site and considering adjacent Mill Ruins and Gold Medal parks. This is a complex, piecemeal area that could benefit from proposing a comprehensive integrated whole.

Revised and additional questions, May 3, 2013:

  • 9. Is there money dedicated to building Water Works?

    The Minneapolis Parks Foundation has a private lead gift pledge toward Water Works and commitment by an individual to raise the private sector funding. Water Works is also part of the RiverFirst finance strategy — to be released early June 2013 — and is on the docket at the State Legislature for funding.

    See Finance Strategy Findings presented 2 May 2013:

  • 10. If our team is short-listed, will we be compensated for our travel expenses during the presentation phase?

    The Minneapolis Parks Foundation will pay up to $1000 per team member — no more than 3 individuals per team — traveling to Minneapolis. This $1000 can be used for airfare, hotel, food and car rental. Expenses in excess of $1000 per person will be covered by the individual.

  • 11. Is there a time duration for this process and schedule of critical milestones for deliverables?

    The selected Water Works design team will make approximately 4 visits — including research, team collaboration, and community engagement — with project delivery early 2014. Milestones and deliverables will be determined by client and selected design team, and often coordinated with CMRRP process.

  • 12. Is there a preferred length for the written submission that describes the Proposed Concept Development process?

    A clear and concise written statement is preferred — but there is not a required length.

  • 13. Can you describe HR&A’s role in the first phase (i.e. Economic development, programming, outreach…) of the project. Will this work be made available to teams?

    HRA was commissioned to work with the design team to develop programming ideas. These ideas are embedded in the final work outlined in the Conceptual Development Plan description. Minneapolis Parks Foundation sponsored 2011/2012 Water Works Conceptual Development Plan.

  • 14. Can you describe the consultants who will be included on the MPRB CMRRP team and how they might coordinate with/or be used as a resource by the Water Works design team?

    A separate team will be selected by MPRB to develop a comprehensive regional park plan for the area intended to meet the Metropolitan Council’s regional park planning requirements. The Water Works design concept will be a considerably more developed scheme. Both teams will work collaboratively and an opportunity exists for the Water Works design team to build on the MPRB regional park team’s research and expertise as well as participate in the regional park plan’s community engagement process. Please review the CMRRP RFP for list of proposed consultants. Detailed terms of collaboration will be developed by coordinating institutions with input by selected design teams.
    Central Mississippi Riverfront Regional Park RFP

  • 15. Can you list the consultants and specific disciplines that would be represented by the MPRB CMRRP team and whose scope of work is not expected to be duplicated on the Water Works Team? (i.e. Historian, Transportation, Civil Engineering…)?

    Consultants will be selected through the CMRRP RFP process. For a list of potential disciplines represented, see:
    Central Mississippi Riverfront Regional Park RFP

Revised and additional questions, May 10, 2013:

  • 16.According to the schedule, 3 teams will be selected in June and they will be invited to make a presentation in front of the jury by the end of the month. I would like to know if there is any economic allocation for this trip, considering we would be travelling from Europe.

    The Minneapolis Parks Foundation will pay up to $1000 per team member – no more than 3 individuals per team – traveling to Minneapolis. This $1000 can be used for airfare, hotel, food and car rental. Expenses in excess of $1000 per person will be covered by the individual. Local teams are not eligible for the stipend.

  • 17. Regarding the submission delivery – would it be possible to send the submission via Dropbox or We Transfer?

    Because of international postal challenges, to be consistent and fair, we will now accept all submissions via Dropbox, We Transfer or similar file transfer systems. For teams choosing this route we will waive the hard copy material requirements. Please notify Mary deLaittre via email if you will be choosing the file transfer method.

  • 18. If we have to send the printed copies by postal mail, would the deadline be our mail stamp or the reception date?

    If you choose to mail submissions they need to be received at the Minneapolis Parks Foundation on 17 May 2013.

  • 19. Could you kindly clarify the submission requirements for CV’s and project examples? For the 1 paragraph biography and 2-page résumé, is this for each person who will work on the project, or for each practice in the multi disciplinary team?

    The bio and resume would be for each lead person for each practice making up the interdisciplinary team.

  • 20. And for the limit on project examples – is it 3 examples per person who will work on the project, or three examples per practice?

    Include 3 project examples for each practice making up the interdisciplinary team.

  • 21. Who are the individuals making up the Designer Selection Committee?

    The Designer Selection Committee members will be announced 20 May 2013.

  • 22. Is a sample “Form of Contract Agreement” available for our review prior to submission?

    We do not have a sample agreement – we generally work with the selected consultant to create a specific agreement for a project.

  • 23. Will the selected team ultimately be commissioned through CD’s or will their participation end at schematic design?

    The Minneapolis Parks Foundation has every intention to continue through CD’s with the selected design team. After the schematic design phase, community support and funding strategy will be evaluated – both of which can affect project delivery – but the Foundation is optimistic in its position to move the project forward.

    *Note: A private donor has offered to host an event the 25 or 26 June – during the designated interview time frame – please note in your cover letter your ability to be in Minneapolis on either of those dates for both interview and event attendance.