Thank You to Our Supporters

Individual Donors – 2019

Thank you to our generous donors – without your support our work would not be possible. We also have many anonymous donors at various giving levels and we are grateful for their generosity.

Mary AamothMatt Kreilich
Mary AbdoGarrett Kuenzi
Stuart and Romy AckerbergAnita Kunin
Mark Addicks and Thomas HochKate and Ian Lamers
Nima Ahmadi and Mia DivechaSteven Landberg
Thomas Alberg and Laura KossanMary Jo Lang
Todd and Allyson AldrichStephen and Tammy Lang
Caroline AmplatzLee Larson
David and Rosemary AndersenJanette and Hans Law
Heidi AndersonKim Lawler
Kathleen Clarke AndersonBen and Ruth Leadholm
Michael and Margaret AndersonDana Lehigh and Daniel Rossiter
Terry and Bruce AndersonKathy and Allen Lenzmeier
Wade AndersonNorma and James Leslie
Connie and Mark AndrewValerie Levasseur
Mary Jane AndrewsChristine Levens
John ArganianLawrence Levine
Kelsey ArnesonLibby Lincoln and Brad Fuller
Tim ArvidsonCarol and Thomas Lindborg
Catherine and Frederick AsherChris Linde
Scott AspensonBernadette and Gordon Lindholm
Betsy AtwaterElise Linehan and Daniel Sass
Dan Avchen and David JohnsonCherie and Harold Little
Lee BachmanZakcq Lochrem
Rebecca BachmanJustine Logelin
Doug and Carole BakerAmanda Lovelee
Gary Baker and Sarah EvertAli Lozoff
Al Bangoura and Kendra LewisMark and Amy Lucas
Paul BarberMary Lynch and Kurt Kelsey
Sara Barrow and Mark HastieJoanne and Roderick MacDonald
John and Rebecca BartlettDiane and Richard Madlon-Kay
Ben BauchRobert Madoff and Jane Korn
Paul Bauknight and
Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight
Brenda and Stephen Mahannah
Carol BechtelKevin Mahony and
Gwendolyn Fassett
Joanie Bechtold and Brian BalleriaSheldon and Beverly Mains
Aaron Becker and Wei ChangSherman Malkerson
Mary and Keith BednarowskiJodi and Jeffrey Mandyck
Barbara Bencini and Bill JanohoskySara Martineau
Peter BeniaresMartha and Stuart Mason
Elisabeth BennettLaurie and Thomas Mattila
Kathleen BennettTimothy Mattimore
Sue BennettEmily McAuliffe
Barry Berg and Walter TamborJamie McBride
Judith and Gary BergMary McCarthy and
Brian Zelickson
Margit and Tom BergSamuel and Patricia McCullough
Ann BiggarKathryn McFadden
Nancy and Mark BjorkMary Kate McKelvey and
Chris Bercaw
Marsha BlumenthalIxchel McKinnie
Kathleen and Thomas BoeJeff McMenimen
Will and Margaret BrackenJohn and Jane McNaughton
Jennifer BrekkenGreg McNeely
Dorothy BridgesDon McNeil and Emily Galusha
Leann BrittonJenny Mealey
Carl BrownMayur Mehta
Gregory and Rebecca BrownKyle Melville
Robert Bruininks and
Susan Hagstrum
Mary Merrill
Carolyn and Philip BrunelleSusan and Geoff Michael
Allan and Mary Lou BurdickSteven Miles and Joline Gitis
Camille BurkeCharles and Laura Miller
John and Jane BurtonDan Miller
Claire and John ButlerMichael Miller and Lynn Herbert
Marin ByrnePamela Miller
David and Kathleen CagleRosalie Miller
Douglas CaldwellAndrew Mintz and Colleen Doyle
Ann CalvertLee Mitau and Karin Birkeland
Lynn and Brandon CampAndy Mitton
Nathan CampeauPhyllis Moen
Tim Carl and Jean GarbariniChristine and Andrew Moir
Helen and Gordon CarlsonLeni and David Moore
Mary and Bryan CarlsonCaroline Morel
Terry CarlsonAdair Mosley
Thomas and Anne CarrierDeepali Mude
Ella ChrenkaPatricia Mullen and Beverly Miller
Teresa and Joseph ChristensenJohn and Diana Munger
Arnold ChuKevina and Lee Munnich
Helene ClarkSteffanie and Matthew Musich
Gerald and Lisa ClemensTheodore and Judy Nagel
Bob Close and Cindy PeltierDavid and Monica Nassif
Roy and Linda CloseMary and Scott Neiman
Wendy and David CogginsAndrew Nelson
John and Audrey ColasantiCris Nelson
Ruth ColbyKeith and Polly Nelson
Laura ColemanNancy and Russ Nelson
Albert and Susan ColianniNorma Nelson and Peter Goelzer
Cinda CollinsSarah Nettleton
Dan CollisonGary Nichols
Patty ConnellyEmily and Will Nicoll
Katherine ConoverJoan and Richard Niemiec
Nancy CosgriffDavid and Sheryll Norback
Arielle CourtneyTracy Nordstrom and
Kurt Waltenbaugh
Jay and Page CowlesSarah and Jim Novotny
Steve Cramer and
Deborah Brisch-Cramer
Katie Nyberg
Amy CrawfordSteven and Judy Nyman
Tom CrewKathleen O’Brien and
Jeffrey Loesch
John and Laura CrosbyRose and Michael O’Rourke
Laura Crosby and Daniel EneboKathryn and Steven Oakley
Nicole CuenoJeff Oberman and Kathy Conner
Mallory DahlAdrienne and Stephen Oesterle
Terry and Judy DailyJessica Oh
Megan and Edward DavisJeanne Olsen
Mike and Celia DavisDale Olson and Alice McGuiggan
Rob and Liza DavisMary Lou Olson
Megan DawnsonJulia and Brian Palmer
David Dayton and Mary BollaCarla Pardue
Edward Dayton and Sherry AnnPenelope Pate Greene and
Mark Greene
Kathy Deacon-WeberLesley and Jayson Pereira
Catherine DeanJose Peris and Diana Gulden
Cy and Paula DeCosseJoseph and Mary Peris
Jeff DeGreeEmily Pernu
Christopher DeutschKatherine Perry
Lexie DeVriesGloria Peterson and
James McCarthy
Caren Dewar and Todd OtisKatherine Peterson and
Molly Lanpher
James Dier and Franise BartleyLinnea and Steve Peterson
Liz and Brian DillonShelley Peterson
Sara and John DonaldsonTina Peterson
Angela DonatelleTom Pettus and Cecily Hines
James Dorsey and Dee GaeddertKaren Pfarr
Jennifer DownhamJane Piccard and Hunt Greene
Joan and Richard DownhamSusan Pilarski and Sue Vikse
Nan DreherPaul Plahn
Dan DresslerDavid and Susan Plimpton
Andrew DuffDavid Plut and Cheryl Jacobs
Sarah Duniway and David BrauerBenjamin Pofahl and
Ellen Guettler
Julie and Ted DysteChristine Popowski
Lucy and Burnham EdsonAlyssa Prokott
Patricia Egan and Chris SmithKelly Ptacek
Paul EgelandConnor Puff
Alice EichholzRichard Pulsipher
Karla Ekdahl and Peter HutchinsonGeorge and Catherine Puzak
Susan ElsnerLora Pyka and David Abel
Mike and Betty ElsonCheryl Quinn
Carol and Kenneth EngelhartRobert Quinney
Nancy and Rolf EnghAnn and Kevin Quiring
Richard EricksonPierre Regnier
Harvey EttingerSusan Reid and Mark Schmidt
Steve Euller and Nancy RoehrConnie and Lew Remele
David and Sheryl EveloSarah Renner
Tom Evers and Erin SugrueSarah Reno
Nancy EvertRickie and John Ressler
Jeanne and John ExlinePaul and Mary Reyelts
Ron FalkBrian Rice
Kathleen and Bill FarleyMike and Katherine Richardson
Christian FeatherRobin Richmond
Lucy Ferguson GalbraithRobert Ries
Charles and Anne FerrellJuLee and John Rimarcik
Mary FinchJennifer Ringold and
Bruce Chamberlain
Sylvia and Robert FineBeverly and George Roberts
Leah and Jamieson FishLeeann Rock
Tom Fisher and Claudia WielgoreckiMargaret Rog and Ben Weisner
Sharron FitzGeraldCharlene Roise
David and Margaret FordMichael Rooney
Meg Forney and Jon FagersonAnn and Stephen Roth
Richard ForschlerMichael Roth
Robert FosterKim and Craig Rudd
Michael FrankenfieldMark and Marie Ruhe
Arlene FriedJasmine RuKim
Konrad and Lora FriedemannJulia and Steve Ruther
Ian and Carol FriendlyLillian and Doug Ryan
Carol FullerPatricia Ryan
Martha GabbertTerry Saario and Lee Lynch
James GabeDavid and Susan Sanborn
Maggie GaleJames and Van Sanders
Martha GelhausNina Sayer and
Alexander Rothman
Bill and Penny GeorgeLinda Schissel
Susan Gerstner and Daniel CarlsenJennifer Schmid
Joseph Gibbons and John CullenBryan Schmidt
E. Peter and Julia GilletteHeidi Schmidt
Mark GittlemanBob and Constance Schmitz
Gene Goetz and Jan ConlinRosemary Schoenert
Terri GoldEmma Schoppe
Hal and Susie GoldsteinDana and Jon Schroeder
Mary Ann Goldstein and
David Benditt
Peg and Robert Schwob
Mary and Peter GoveBen Shardlow
Susan and John GraberAlexandra Sharp
Ellen GraceBeth Shogren
Kathleen GrahamAbbey and Tim Showalter-Loch
Betty Grant and Will CaseyCarolyn Shrewsbury
Jerry Green and Chris FosterMerav Silverman
Roger and Myra GreenbergJohn Slack
Charlene GreenwaldDavid and Leslie Smith
Rick Groger and Don YagerLeah Smith
Katherine Grumstrup and
Michael Bing
Katherine Smith-Flores
Brian and Angela GustafsonKaren Sontag-Sattel and Jack Sattel
Pamela and Larry GuthrieEd and Val Spencer
Peter HaegMark Spencer
Katherine HageTony Sterle
Roger HagedornKaren Sternal and Lowell Pickett
Roger HagerMargaret and Tom Stewart
Greg and Dorrie HaggeMorris Stockburger
Jocelyn Hale and Glenn MillerMichelle Stockness
Caroline Hale-ColdwellMarcia and John Stout
Nor Hall and Roger HaleJames and Jane Stripe
Heidi HalvarsonJanet and Carl Sturtivant
Joanne HamburgeThomas and Pat Sugrue
Jan HamerlinckJohn and Linda Sumner
Lisa HamiltonMarie Svang
Elinor HandsCarolyn and Leslie Svendsen
Michael HaraCraig Swaggert and Tanna Moore
Elizabeth and Ben HarrimanCarletta Sweet
Sarah Harris and David HolmgrenAlbert and Diane Swintek
Rich HarrisonJohn Taft
Ken HartungMarypat Takacs
Dan HastyKenneth Talle
Dan HaugenMike and Betsy Taylor
John Haugen and Alicia ReevesRobin Taylor Hartwell and
John Hunsicker
Elizabeth and Van HawnMelvin Tennant
Jake HeckenlaibleSheila and John Thelemann
John HeerEileen Thomas and
Melanie Milbradt
Julaine and David HeitLucy Thompson
Dr. Kenneth and Karen HeithoffKeith Thorkelson
Mark Heithoff and Meredith RossBrian Thyr and Danita Carlson
Kevin HempingJane Tilka and William Dolan
Meike HengelfeltKarin Tomervik
Jackie HenryMarcia Townley
Doug HerkenhoftJames Travers
John and Diane HermanKaren Trouba
Lindsie HerzogDr. and Mrs. Paul L. Trump
Martha Hewett and Linda VarvelTheodore Tucker
Carrie and Richard HigginsJohn Turner
Jane and John HilgerAnne and Tom Ulseth
Curt and Helen HillstromTracy Van Steenburgh and
James Ladner
Anne and Todd HinrichsEgle Vanagaite
Julie Hirsch and Ron FeldmanDavid and Lynn Vander Haar
Elizabeth HixsonElizabeth and Richard Vanderwall
Karen HoistadRonald and Carol Vantine
Wendy Holmes and David FrankRich and Julie Varda
Lisa Hondros and Steve ChristensonPeter Vaughan and Cathy Anson
Anne and John HortonTammy Verchota
S. M. HovlandNancy and Douglas Verdier
Annie Huidekoper and
Jo Swanson
Ann Voda
Christine and Catherine
Timothy and Andria Waclawski
Penny HuntTodd Wagner
Carole and Andy HunterDennis and Joyce Wahr
David HunterJulia Wallace
William and Linda HuntzickerJudy and H. William Walter
Ben IhdeMeg Walters and Per Hong
Diana and Greg IngrahamAndrew Wattenhofer
Brian IngramBrent Webb
Becki IversonJill Weese and Steven Vincent
Dianne IversonKaren Weidner
Bruce JacobsonMarybeth Weisberg
Mary and Fred JahnkeLisa Weisman
Emily Jarrett Hughes and
Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew
David Wellington
Craig and Jean JentzRobert Werling and Kimberly Ford
Tommy and Julie JohnsRobert and Julie White
Cory JohnsonNora Whiteman and Thomas Rush
Edward JohnsonBob Whitlock and Peggy Weber
Lindsay JohnsonMary and Benson Whitney
Malcolm JohnsonTodd and Laurel Wichman
Paul JohnsonAmber Wiebe
Paul JohnsonLiz and Andrew Wielinski
Britton JonesJane Wiljamaa
Gail JonesMatt Wilkens
Stella and Conrad JonesFrank and Frances Wilkinson
Phyllis KahnMark and Nancy Wilson
Mimi KalbRufus and Elizabeth Winton
David Kane and
Jordana Schmier
Kim Wolson and
Norman Abramson
Sam and Sylvia KaplanBetsy Wray and Gary Hittle
Isaac KasperPahoua Yang Hoffman
Elaine KienitzGeorgianna Yantos
Kendall KingRobert Young
Steve King and Susan Boren-KingMartha Yunker
Nichole KlonowskiAaron and Erika Zabler
Gail Korell and Douglas BrownJulie and Charlie Zelle
John and Mary Ann KosmasLaurie Zenner
Linda KrachWayne Zink and
Christopher Schout
Carol and Thomas KramerHarvey Zuckman and Phil Oxman
Mark KrauseDave and Sue Zwickey
David and Leone Zwickey

Institutional Donors – 2019

Thank you to the many organizations and businesses throughout Minneapolis (and beyond!) that believe in the power of parks to transform human life. 

AmazonSmile FoundationMinnesota Community Foundation
American Academy of NeurologyMinnesota Public Radio
Ameriprise FinancialMississippi Watershed Management Organization
Ameriprise Financial – Matching GiftsNancy Somers Family Foundation
Bank of AmericaNelson Family Foundation
Bank of America Charitable FoundationNew Belgium Brewing
Barr EngineeringNTH, Inc.
Best BuyOak Grove Foundation
Best Buy FoundationOSilas Foundation
Bluestem HoldingPeace Coffee
Bremer BankPohlad Family Foundation
Carlson Family FoundationRBC Wealth Management
CenterPoint EnergyReplace Inc.
Charles H. Clay Family CLAT TrustRichard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Coen+PartnersRSP Architects
Common Roots Cafe and CateringSaint Anthony Falls Heritage Board
Damon Farber Landscape ArchitectsSchafer Richardson
EcoTrustSoftcrylic, LLC
First Avenue and
7th Street Entry
Spiller L’Chaim Fund
General MillsThe Crosswols Foundation c/o
Chilton Trust
General Mills FoundationThe Loppet Foundation
George Family FoundationThe McKnight Foundation
Green MinneapolisThe Minneapolis Foundation
HGA Architects and EngineersThe Minneapolis Foundation – Matching Grant Program Fund
Hubbard Broadcasting FoundationThrivent Financial – Choice Dollars
Jardine, Logan, & O’Brien PLLPThrivent Financial Foundation
Johnson & JohnsonTPG Global LLC
Knox FoundationU.S. Bank Foundation – Matching Gift Program
Lathrop GPM FoundationUnited Properties
Longview FoundationUnited Way of Greater Saint Louis
Medtronic FoundationUnitedHealth Group
Meet MinneapolisVoya Foundation
MillerHale AssociatesWaterCourse Design
Minneapolis Downtown CouncilXcel Energy
Minneapolis Water Taxi