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Three parks to see fall foliage

There is an advantage to living in a city built around parks, we get to experience the fullness of all four seasons. Fall colors are at their peak, with limited time to immerse yourself in this most wonderful and fleeting moment in the Minneapolis park system. Don’t wait, get out there and enjoy the diversity of fall foliage. Here are three parks to kick start your autumn color chase.


Boardwalk at Wirth Lake Beach
Sit on one of the four benches designed for park lovers on the boardwalk and watch for flirting leaves from across the lake. Rest your feet here, take time to contemplate, and allow for nature to have presence in your life.

West River Parkway – James I. Rice Parkway
Walk the trail down by the Basset Creek tunnel and be surprised by this fall foliage microcosm, as if you found a secret place. The trail has two bridges that cross the creek outlet and a picturesque place for selfies.

Wabun Park to the Ford Parkway Bridge
Pack a lunch and head over to the Wabun Park Picnic Area, then walk the full Ford Parkway Bridge. From this viewpoint the surrounding flickering leaves will make the whole Mississippi River valley look like it is on fire. We are reminded of how majestic and alive the river is to us.

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