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5 Skateparks to Drop into this Spring

Warmer temperatures and melting snow each spring clear a path for skateboarders across the city to get back into Minneapolis park skateparks. This month, I spoke with City of Skate President, Paul Forsline, who is spearheading many new skatepark locations across the city, in partnership with Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB). There are more than 20 skateparks that already have project approval here in Minneapolis and, with enough funding, will offer beautiful new community skate and recreation areas for this thriving talent. You can check out that full list here.

Forsline also reminded me that skateboarding will make its Olympic debut this summer in Tokyo at the 2021 Summer Games. Two competitions will highlight these skaters’ talents: A Street style competition and a Park style competition. Mark your calendars!

#1. Elliot Skate Plaza
Elliot Park is located in downtown Minneapolis and was one of the original six skateparks. With leadership and partnership from City of Skate and MPRB, the highly anticipated new Elliot Skate Plaza will be opening June 2021! It will feature custom concrete skateboard elements, along with improved landscaping, a paver patio, lighting, and public art. This expansion offers a modern and sophisticated skatepark in the heart of the city.

#2. Armatage Skatepark
One of the six original skateparks created by MPRB, the Armatage skatepark was built in 2004. Armatage Park is located in South Minneapolis and offers a wide range of other sports fields, courts, and amenities. City of Skate and MPRB have plans for a future expanded skatepark here.

#3. Creekview Skatepark
Creekview Park lies on the east bank of Shingle Creek in North Minneapolis. This skatepark was recently gifted ramps and rails from the Elliot skatepark. which is undergoing a redesign. While Creekview is on the smaller side at the moment, City of Skate has plans to change that. With a new park concept already in place, this epic redesign would offer a skaters paradise. Check out the concept and outline here.

#4. Bottineau Skatepark
The NE 2nd Street Skatepark is located at Bottineau Field Park in NE Minneapolis. This skatepark was added in 2005, and with the amount of love and use it has gotten over time, there are definite updates to be made. The new concept design from City of Skate is pretty incredible, and with this on the list of approved projects, it might not be long before this masterpiece comes to life.

#5. Juxtaposition Skateable Art Plaza
Although this skate plaza is not located in a Minneapolis park, it is a highlight worth including. City of Skate and Juxtaposition Arts partnered up to create this first-ever Skate-able Art Plaza in North Minneapolis. Designed by students and staff at Juxtaposition Arts, the plaza combines skateboarding, flexible open space, art installations, and sustainable stormwater management.

As mentioned above, City of Skate and MPRB have more than 20 approved skatepark expansion and additions. The full list can be found here! Along with youth and teen programs from the Park Board, these spaces offer healthy and safe environments for communities to actively engage in this growing sport.

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