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Birding 101 with Dudley Edmondson and Monica Bryand. Join us for this family-friendly and inclusive introduction to some of Minnesota’s most spot-able “snow birds”
Posters for Parks
Thank you for joining us for a virtual 5th Annual Posters for Parks show! We sold over 800 posters, raising nearly $20,000 for the People for Parks Fund! Read more about how this will directly impact your Minneapolis park system.
Sunrise on the Mississippi
Thank you for joining us as we ZOOMed-in on the truly transformative RiverFirst projects reshaping the Minneapolis riverfront for generations to come.
Walk & Talks
Walk & Talk groups are led by a coterie of local subject-matter and parks experts who share with you their insights into intriguing places throughout Minneapolis Parks.
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Join us in exploring the potential of parks, from our informative, inspiring Next Generation of Parks Event Series to our Walk & Talks led by subject-matter and parks experts who share their insights into intriguing places throughout Minneapolis Parks.

Featured Event

Next Generation of Parks
In partnership with the Great Northern
Featuring: Monica Bryand and Dudley Edmondson  
3pm February 6, 2021

Ever wonder what that bird is outside your kitchen window? This winter bird discussion will help you figure that out. We’ll talk about the most common birds seen in metro area backyards when the snow flies. We’ll also discuss binoculars for beginners, ways to attract birds to your backyard, and best Minnesota field trips for winter birdwatching.

Join us for this family-centered virtual exploration of all the ways that bird watching can be an accessible activity for all ages, close to home. “You can make bird watching as slow or active as you’d like,” says Monica Bryand. “It’s also a great way to learn together about all the birds and other wildlife that are out in the winter months, and then find ways to make bird habitat in your own backyard.”

You’ll learn about some of the colorful birds you may see – including black-eyed Junko, Northern cardinal, Red bellied woodpecker, red-tailed hawk, and white-breasted nuthatch, along with more practical tips like how to dress comfortably for the weather.

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