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All smiles on last day of SiteSeeing (slideshow)

siteseeing kids july 31

Eight weeks went by in a jiffy, and this is the last installment of the slideshows featuring our SiteSeeing kids. I’m going to miss putting up these posts and want to wish all the kids well. Thanks too to Coal and Spencer (who’s quoted below) for all their great work and cool content:

We had an awesome day working on the student’s proposals for the predetermined site we chose: the currently-closed Shingle Creek Elementary School and it’s surrounding area. Coal and I developed a blank base map for the students and with a little instruction we allowed them to produce their own personal ideas and proposals for the space. Students then presented their proposals to the class and we ended the day with donuts!It was great to see how proud the students were of their work and excited that they “passed” the class!

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