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For SiteSeeing youngsters, design meets garbage – and fun (slideshow)

siteseeing 7-24

Our SiteSeeing class wrapped up last week and over the next couple of blog posts you’ll get to explore with these youngsters how their ideas have come together. Here, from co-instructor Spencer Bauer:

“We looked at historic aerial maps of the neighborhood and noted some of the changes throughout the years. Then we got out of the classroom for a bit and explored along the creek as we explained issues of public and private property over the years and how homes were moved away from certain areas, namely Shingle Creek.

This exercise sparked an idea to spend some class time to clean up trash within and around the creek. The students were extremely excited!

During our “Creekview Cleanup” the following week, we went over design and storm-water principles, such as where the water comes from and where it goes, to help explain how a lot of the trash enters these waters.”

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