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Humans of Minneapolis: Herbert, Marshall Terrace Park

Stephanie Glaros’ Humans of Minneapolis portraits of park-goers remind us of the many powerful ways that parks can connect us, heal us and make us whole. This summer, her 10-image series is exploring how parks transform human life, as told through each person’s own words and Stephanie’s boldly compassionate lens.

Here, we’re reposting Stephanie’s 2017 series. View all images in this year’s series, and in 2016’s, via the Humans of Minneapolis category link

Herbert with Zaria, Serenity, Herbert III, Prince Herbert, & Sulaiman, at Marshall Terrace Park

“We come to the park every day when it’s nice out. I do everything they do. Play in the sand, play on the slides, play basketball. It’s a quiet, open spot for some family time. I work nights, so the park helps me spend as much time as possible with them during the day. We don’t have any problems here, everybody seems to get along.

When I grew up, my dad was around, but he wasn’t around. So I want them to know dad is there and that I care for them. Especially so my girls know the right type of man to look at when they grow up to be women. They won’t choose the wrong type of person because dad wasn’t around to show them the right type. 

I want to play a part in teaching them the things they need to know when they grow up. What people to stay away from; to help when you can help. Just love. And I want them to pay it forward. The way daddy is with you, pay it forward. Teach that to somebody else. If you teach one person good, the world can change.

The time that we do have together, we try to make the most of it. I like to show my children how much I love them and that I wanted them, so that’s why we spend our time like we do.”

Listen to Herbert’s story:

Images and content are reposted with permission from Stephanie Glaros/Humans of Minneapolis.

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