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Lake Harriet Bandshell and Pavilion

Late last year, as the Lake Harriet Bandshell renovation was beginning to take shape, a resident, and frequent user of the Chain of Lakes, contacted the Minneapolis Parks Foundation to help support the effort. With this family’s contribution of $50,000 to the project, the Park Board was able to make significant improvements to the Bandshell itself. In fact, the Park Board would now be able to treat all the lakeside windows with bird-safe glazing and added an additional row of “operating windows” on the lake-facing side. This improvement will allow air to circulate into the performance area which is particularly helpful during larger concerts during those hot sticky summer days.

Park Board staff was sincerely grateful to be able to add these elements to the project, and likewise the donor stated, “It has been fun to know specifically how the money has been used. Especially as we walk by and see the changes beginning, it is nice to know we contributed.” 

The Bandshell and Pavilion work is scheduled throughout the spring and early summer. The project also includes remodeling the bathrooms for accessibility, as well as repainting all of the building’s sidewalls. According to MPRB, “work will pause this summer to accommodate, as much as possible, concessions at Bread and Pickle, Minneapolis Music and Moves in the Parks, and other scheduled events. Work will resume after Labor Day to complete any unfished work and to replace the roofs of the Bandshell and associated buildings.”

The Parks Foundation works to help ensure your contribution has the impact you are hoping to make. Call Jennifer 612.822.3401. Thank you.

Featured image: Lake Harriet Bandshell 2021, ®Janette Law

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