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New video: Water Works rainwater reuse plan

Our 2015-2016 Research Assistants in Practice have wrapped up their project for us – diagramming and explaining the planned rainwater reuse system at Water Works.

The Water Works rainwater reuse plan will divert rainwater from the sewer system and supply the future Water Works site with some 1.4 million gallons of cleansed H2O for multiple outdoor and indoor uses, including toilets, irrigation and water features.

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For the last year, and under the guidance of Minneapolis Parks Fellow Bruce Chamberlain, Han Do, Jonathan Fillmore, Christopher Tallman and Kelly Watters, have researched and laid-out the plan. The results: Three clear and compelling educational diagrams, and one cool video, plus a portable scale 3D physical model. Check them out, below!

The RAs’ work has played an important role in moving the idea forward with partners critical to its implementation, beginning with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, and including the City of Minneapolis, the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, and private property owners.

We can’t thank Han, Jonathan, Chris and Kelly enough for their hard work. We wish them every success in their future endeavors!

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Water Works: A District Approach to Rainwater Reuse from Minneapolis Parks Foundation on Vimeo.

Created by the Minneapolis Parks Foundation’s 2015-2016 Research Assistants in Practice, graduate students Christopher Tallman, Han Do, Kelly Watters and Jonathan Fillmore, this video tells the story of how a future public park will capture, cleanse and reuse urban stormwater before it reaches the Mississippi River.

Water Works will demonstrate how public open space can play a substantial role in the stormwater equation in ways that cleanse urban stormwater, reduce non-renewable potable water use, minimize public investment in underground stormwater infrastructure, and normalize district stormwater partnerships.

The Research Assistants in Practice program is made possible through support to the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota College of Design. Thank you!

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