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Position posting: MPF Executive Director

Established in 2004, the Minneapolis Parks Foundation (MPF) serves as the private sector leader in the development of the Next Generation of Parks™ in Minneapolis. MPF’s mission is to help ensure the economic, environmental, civic and cultural health of Minneapolis and the region by creating the Next Generation of Parks™ that meet the demands and reflect the values of our generation and those to follow. This mission is the cornerstone of MPF activities. While working closely with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) on many projects, MPF, as an independent 501(c) 3, provides a separate service to the community.


The Executive Director will report to the Minneapolis Parks Foundation Board of Directors (Board). The Executive Director is responsible for leading, directing and managing the organization in a manner consistent with the mission, vision and values of MPF, and doing so in a fiscally responsible and ethically sound manner.

  • The Executive Director of MPF is responsible for strategic leadership and engagement with both internal and external audiences. Specific responsibilities include:
    • Serving as the private sector’s chief spokesperson, advocate and champion for the MPF, assuring that the organization and its mission are highly visible and properly presented to its various publics.
    • Creating a stable organization by enhancing the financial health and long-term viability of MPF through the establishment of both a robust private and community fund raising strategy and expanded grant writing capacity focused on corporate, private and family foundations and government financial support.
  • The Executive Director will also be held accountable for the following outcomes:
    • Insuring that MPF is established as the primary private sector convener and leader for private/public partnerships related to improving and increasing the accessibility of public parks and the riverfront throughout the community.
    • Effectively managing the organization and guiding the Board by keeping its members fully informed of critical events, trends, and opportunities that will help the Board make effective policies and plans.
  • A proven track record of success in a professional entrepreneurial environment.
  • The ability to attract and solicit financial resources for the organization and promote a marketing culture from within by identifying and implementing strong program plans and strategies that attract revenue, gifts and grants.
  • Highly developed skills in leadership, communication, management, negotiation, conflict management, advocacy, and creative methods of coaching, teaching and team development.
  • Exemplary interpersonal skills including the ability, savvy, and credibility to engage and interact with key leaders.
  • The willingness, presence and ability to be the Minneapolis Parks Foundation’s face to the public, which includes being an effective communicator, a persuasive influencer, and a good listener.
  • The knowledge and experience to build and expand and lead their staff as MPF grows and develops.
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required with a Master’s degree preferred.

For further consideration, please email your resume to Kristin Jacobs at

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