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The Power of Gratitude and Generosity

This is my favorite time of year.  It is a time when Minneapolis parks transition to the winter season – wheels turn to blades, ball fields become ice rinks, and golf courses are groomed for ski trails. 

Perhaps just as importantly, late November is a time to slow down and reflect on the power of generosity and gratitude. While the mythical origin of the Thanksgiving holiday is unsavory at best, the name of the holiday is fitting for the time of year. It is a perfect time to be generous, and to be grateful for the generosity around us.

The Minneapolis park system is forged in generosity – the contributions of countless volunteers each year who give their time to weed garden beds, coach a team, referee games, or support park programs and activities every day. The staff and leadership of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board work hard to ensure our parks are safe, active, and welcoming to all. And throughout the parks, volunteer-driven organizations contribute to the activities and programming in parks across the system, the Minneapolis Parks Foundation among them.

And this is where gratitude matters. I never want to take for granted how important generosity is to a thriving park system. When people contribute in meaningful ways – whether of their time, of their resources, or of their talents – they are often rewarded in immeasurable ways. 

At the Minneapolis Parks Foundation’s core is a tradition of generosity from those who share a common love for our parks. Each of us may have different facets of the parks that are most meaningful to us, but we share an understanding that parks matter, are important beyond our own experience, and are a gift we can give to ourselves and to future generations

As we enter the giving season, beginning this week with Give to the Max Day and through the New Year, please know that all of your contributions have helped us deliver our mission across the city and engage even more people in the power of parks. We are grateful for all the ways people contribute to ensuring that Minneapolis parks remain welcoming to all.

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