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Water Works Construction: February Update

Water Works continued to take shape in February, with the most visible external changes happening on the pavilion and Columbia Mill wall stabilization.

Steel framing is up for the second story, with temporary wood framing skirting the steel beams to which plastic sheeting is adhered to tent the second story so it can be heated to cure the concrete which will be poured for the second floor. In many cases, the floor can be poured and then cured under “concrete blankets,” but the pavilion’s second floor will have a polished finish that require temperatures above 40 degrees to set properly. Also framed up is a “screen wall,” which will hide the HVAC and elevator shaft at the top of the building, as well as a chimney exhaust scrubber.

Another big step forward – the next “lift” of concrete was poured to reinforce the restored Columbia Mill wall. A final lift will be poured in March.

Check out these pics from Doug Verdier for some great visuals and captions! Then read below for an update on progress inside the pavilion.

Interior of Columbia Mill showing forms in place prior to pouring of concrete reinforcing wall. A concrete footing has previously been poured and set beneath the forms. Photo and caption by Doug Verdier.
Interior of Columbia Mill after removal of forms shown in previous photo. Rebar above the new concrete wall shows where next level will be poured. Photo and caption by Doug Verdier.
Vertical supports for future “screen wall” that will enclose mechanicals on the roof of the Pavilion as seen from 1st Street. Plastic sheeting encloses the future Sioux Chef restaurant area to protect workers during interior construction. The metal box-like structure is framework for exhaust vent equipment from restaurant kitchen. Photo and caption by Doug Verdier.
Another view of the screen wall supports and exhaust vent structure framework. The concrete structure to the left of the screen wall supports is top part of the elevator shaft. Photo and caption by Doug Verdier.

Taking Shape Inside
Just this past week, the concrete was poured for the first floor. This follows the major work being done to refine the historic mill walls which form the interior of the pavilion. Last month we showed you mason Jeremy Green’s work to install a new lintel between the Bassett Mill and the Columbia Mill, to form a doorway between the future lobby and lounge. Well that’s now in place, with a 5’ passage opened up between the two spaces that will be lined with a steel plate.

As with other months, there are several trades on site working simultaneously. In preparation for pouring the ground floor, underground plumbing and electrical had to be installed, and of course the masons have been hard at work.

Check out these pics courtesy of Joe Uhlhorn from H-U Construction.

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