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8 Reasons to be Thankful for Minneapolis Parks

As we near the end of another beautiful year spent in Minneapolis parks, we’d like to express our gratitude for the numerous trails, gardens, and playgrounds that make up our park system. With 51 miles of Grand Rounds to bike on, 62 wading pools to play in, 120 years of free music in the park, and 50 recreation centers for sport and activity, there are countless reasons to be thankful for Minneapolis parks.

While we could go on and on about what WE love in the parks, we thought this would be a great opportunity to ask our community about what YOU are most grateful for. Here are eight reasons you gave to be thankful for Minneapolis parks:

#1. “I love our parks for so many reasons. They honor nature and provide residents and visitors a place for contemplation and fun. The bike paths throughout the city connect so many of our parks and are a great amenity, even for older bikers like me.” — Marilyn A. Garber, Minnesota School of Botanical Art

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, Theodore Wirth Regional Park.

#2. “Connecting to nature and sport!!” — @mrs_yelsing via Twitter

#3. “Minneapolis parks have been my free exercise outlet, my friend connector, my sane lane to and from most anywhere, our city’s lungs as well as Mother Nature’s living room and the great equalizer of an urban setting.” — Meg Forney, Commissioner, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board of Commissioners 

Photo Courtesy of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

#4. “The Grand Rounds” — Jayne Miller via Facebook

#5. “It’s great seeing what’s happening with off-street bike infrastructure and bike programming for kids through the work Minneapolis Bike Parks is doing with MPRB. Getting kids on bikes touches on so many important elements of what makes a safe, strong community.” — David Olson via Facebook

The Grand Rounds, Victory Memorial Trail, Photo Courtesy of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

#6. “The Luminary Loppet is one of my favorite events. It is the coldest weekend of the year and it seems like everyone is outside enjoying the city. We just have something so special.” — Kelly Ptacek
Read more from Kelly Ptacek’s Community Profile:

Luminary Loppet, Photo Courtesy of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

#7. “Some of my favorite trails are the Minnesota Valley State Trail, the Fort Snelling State Trail, the Stone Arch Bridge trails and Minnehaha Parkway Trail.” — Cris Nelson
Read more from Cris Nelson’s Community Profile:

The Stone Arch Bridge

#8. “We don’t often think about how a park system, a background infrastructure, enhances our lives and experiences. Yet it is one of those threads that weaves through the fabric of our life experiences. A thread that not only brings beauty and pleasure to our lives but in fact, strengthens the bonds of community and families.”
— Rickie Ressler
Read more from Rickie Ressler’s Community Profile:

Sumner Park, Photo Courtesy of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

Thank you for supporting and enjoying parks and park amenities all over the city!

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