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Five family traditions in Minneapolis parks

Minneapolis parks have become an important part of many family get-togethers during the holiday season. From a stroll after brunch, to snowball fights in large open fields, or sledding down a big hill … winter would not be the same without parks! This month we asked a few Minneapolis Parks Foundation staff and their family members about their park traditions.

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“I like to take my parents on walks in the park, especially after a bowl of pho. The scenic powdery landscape usually inspires stories from the bygone days in faraway places. A very special moment where I get to hear about my Hmong heritage.”

“We like to get outside into the parks all year especially when a little too much sugar enters our life around the holidays. With two toddlers, a quick walk down by the creek exploring the snowy world really helps all of us!”

“Our family enjoys moonlight sledding in a variety of Minneapolis parks. And it is quite divine when an anonymous trumpet player serenades us with holiday carols from across the creek.”

“Holidays often mean eating too much and drinking too much. When that happens, nothing beats taking the dog for a long walk along the Mississippi River. It’s a great way to enjoy nature, clear your head, connect with like-minded neighbors … all while burning off some of those extra calories.“

Luke, age 13
“Winter is my favorite time of the year. I like skiing, skating, and sledding. Winter without snow is like, what’s the point? This winter break, we’ll probably go skiing and definitely go sledding. My favorite sledding hill is the one near Lake Harriet [Beard’s Plaisance Park] – it’s steep, fast, and has a jump. You have to have a jump!”

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