Common Ground

Fresh Forward

In 2016, the Minneapolis Parks Foundation affirmed a new mission that better reflects our work – to transform human life through parks and public space by aligning philanthropic investment and community vision.

Now things are starting to look a little different around here. This month, we’re debuting our new logo, which builds on our mission, and is the first step in a thoughtful visual rebranding process currently underway.

Our new logo, like a park, can be interpreted and adapted for many perspectives. The curving lines can be seen as topographical, tree rings, fingerprints, or ripples. The color palette represents fields, forests, and waterways. And much like the role of the Parks Foundation, the imagery brings together several elements to make a whole and represents the intersections within our community where good ideas are made better: public and private; land and water; active and receptive.

As we continue the process of updating our visuals to reflect our mission, vision, and values, our commitment to Minneapolis remains the same – to be an effective and valued partner and leader in the community that connects resources and innovative ideas for the benefit of everyone who experiences our city’s world-class park system.

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