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Humans of Minneapolis: Joseph, Logan Park

In 2016, the Minneapolis Parks Foundation teamed up with Humans of Minneapolis street documentarian Stephanie Glaros to produce a series of 15 portraits of visitors to Minneapolis neighborhood parks.

Here, we’re re-posting Stephanie’s series of portraits of parks visitors from her Humans of Minneapolis blog. Look for all portraits in the series on this blog – 2016 and, coming soon, 2017 – by clicking on the Humans of Minneapolis category.

Joseph, Logan Park

“I grew up in this neighborhood. My grandparents lived in the neighborhood, too. I came here in the summer with my cousins. As a kid this is just where you hung out.

If you need a place to play with your kids, it’s a safe place. Or if you’re a person like myself just reading the newspaper, you can get away from that. If you’re biking through, there’s plenty of room to watch out for pedestrians. It allows access for basketball and baseball. In the winter they put up hockey rinks over there. It’s one of the bigger areas in Northeast that has something to do, especially for kids.

I bike everywhere I go. I haven’t driven in almost three years. Biking allows a person to see their community a little bit more, to see what’s going on. It allows them to find a park like this, to see these hidden gems. It allows me to think and wind down, and then I don’t have to go to the gym. I have my driver’s license, but it’s something I’ve chosen. It helps me smell the roses a little bit more.”

Listen to Joseph’s story:

Images and content are reposted with permission from Stephanie Glaros/Humans of Minneapolis.

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