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Humans of Minneapolis: Kaveen, Bohanon Park

Stephanie Glaros’ Humans of Minneapolis portraits of park-goers remind us of the many powerful ways that parks can connect us, heal us and make us whole. This summer, her 10-image series is exploring how parks transform human life, as told through each person’s own words and Stephanie’s boldly compassionate lens.

Here, we’re reposting Stephanie’s 2017 series. View all images in this year’s series, and in 2016’s, via the Humans of Minneapolis category link

Kaveen, at Bohanon Park

“We play cricket here every week. We have six fields all across the Metro. Cricket is along the same lines as baseball, but instead of four bases there are two. You run back and forth between them. The sticks are called wickets. We count runs and all of that, but we only play one inning. Back home in India it’s like a religion. Whenever there’s a big cricket game going on, there’s not much productivity in India.

We have Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, South African, Australian, and people from the Caribbean here playing. We have a few who were baseball players growing up who tried it out and loved it, too. We also conduct programs that promote youth and women’s cricket so more people from here can connect with it. It’s building a bond within the community.

I have friends from many different countries and I come here to hang out with them. It’s a good summer day, enjoying the sport and also making buddies. It’s a deep connection.”

Listen to Kaveen’s story:

Images and content are reposted with permission from Stephanie Glaros/Humans of Minneapolis.

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