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Humans of Minneapolis: Levon, Longfellow Park

Stephanie Glaros’ Humans of Minneapolis portraits of park-goers remind us of the many powerful ways that parks can connect us, heal us and make us whole. This summer, her 10-image series is exploring how parks transform human life, as told through each person’s own words and Stephanie’s boldly compassionate lens.

Here, we’re reposting Stephanie’s 2017 series. View all images in this year’s series, and in 2016’s, via the Humans of Minneapolis category link

Levon with Olivia, at Longfellow Park

“We come here a couple times a week for my son’s baseball games and a couple more just for fun. It gets us out of the house. Usually we hang out at the playground and let the kids wear themselves out. I grew up in the neighborhood and this park was the spot to be. I met some of my best friends playing sports here. My best man at my wedding was a guy I met playing soccer here.

My wife and I are actually purchasing the house I grew up in from my mom. We’ve been renting it for the past two years, but now she’s retiring and needs to sell it and we’re in a position to buy it rather than move somewhere else. We’re getting a good deal on it and it’s less stressful for her than selling it to strangers. She loves that she’s helping her kid and grandkids with the purchase of a lifetime. It means a lot to her.

It’s kind of cool raising my kids in the house I grew up in. I see them play on the same little jungle gym that I played on in the backyard. It’s just fun. It’s almost like replaying life. Seeing it as a kid and then watching my own kids in the same atmosphere is interesting. We’re starting the next generation in the same spot.

Parks definitely bring the community together. It doesn’t cost any money and it’s a place to gather and have fun with each other. It’s always good to keep making new friends in the area and parks help with that. They bring people together.”

Listen to Levon’s story:

Images and content are reposted with permission from Stephanie Glaros/Humans of Minneapolis.

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