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Water Works Construction: April Update

“Work is continuing at a pretty good clip,” Joe Uhlhorn tells us from the Water Works site. As an essential service, construction is less impacted by the COVID-19 stay-at-home order in Minnesota than other industries. Amid the appropriate precautions that workers are taking – handwashing, social distancing, sanitizing and not sharing tools, and staying home when sick – the park and pavilion are progressing.

Joe is CFO/Partner of H+U Construction, the project’s construction managers. With still something like 5-7 or more trades on site on a given day, there’s a lot going on. One way to measure that progress is this list of what’s already complete: Structural steel installation, precast plank, exterior framing and sheathing, and interior slab on grade concrete.

Let’s take you inside with some photos that Joe sent us this week, where “the focus has been on interior walls going up, along with rough-in of plumbing, ventilation, and electric,” Joe says. “The majority of rough-in work is complete on the 1st floor. Recently we’ve begun rough-in work on the 2nd floor as interior walls are completed.”

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Meanwhile, the park continues to take shape outside. By the end of April, installation of the South Plaza’s precast benches will begin, and exterior stairs will start to take shape. Thanks to both Joe and Doug Verdier for sharing these photos of progress in March with us.

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Featured image: Inside pavilion second story in early April. Photo by Joe Ulhorn.

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