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Water Works is in the “outline” stage, say designers (post 2 of 4 Q&A series)

This is the second post in a special design Q+A series featuring SCAPE, the lead firm on the Water Works Design Team.

We wanted to share more about how a schematic design is created, so we asked: “We’re in the ‘design framework’ phase of the process – what is that and why is it important?”

Similar to how an outline structures a term paper or essay, the “design framework” gives basic form to the site’s design. In other words, the design framework involves a rigorous development of principles that then guide the design.

A series of design studies, as well as the input of the public and Community (CAC) and Technical (TAC) Advisory Committees are integral to developing a viable design framework. To this effect, this phase is intensely collaborative and is a crucial step in the creation of a thoughtful and successful schematic design that is unique to Minneapolis.

As we move forward, our Design Team is tasked with addressing, revealing and developing many layers, including meaningful public space, active circulation, the need for respite, its role in interpreting a long and inclusive history, amenity programming, and issues of environment and ecological prerogatives. We will take public and CAC/TAC input from the November discussion forums and meetings into consideration and edit the two early concepts presented then.

Through an iterative and involved process between the Design Team – SCAPE, Rogers Partners, James Lima, SRF – and the Minneapolis Parks Foundation, Minneapolis Park Board, and including community input, we will develop these concept designs into a more detailed and thorough schematic design.

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