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5 Most Visited Listicles in 2022 and 5 that Deserve a Second Look

Looking back on another fantastic year celebrating Minneapolis parks and everything they have to offer, we are compiling a list of your favorite Listicles that highlight activities, viewpoints, stories, or landmarks throughout the parks, as well as adding in a few of our favorites that might not have gotten the attention we think they should. While not all of these were written in 2022, here are five of the top viewed Listicles from this past year, and five that we hope get the second chance they deserve.

Top 5 Viewed Listicles in 2022

#1) Five Skateparks to Drop into This Spring (published: April 21, 2021)
Coming in as the top viewed Listicle in 2022 is Five Skateparks to Drop into This Spring, which was originally published in April of 2021. We were lucky enough to speak with City of Skate President, Paul Forsline, who is spearheading many new skatepark locations across the city, in partnership with Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB). Check out these five skateparks across Minneapolis parks that offer skating opportunities for all ages and ability levels.

Photo of skateboarding class at Armatage Park, courtesy of MPRB.

#2) 10 Bridges in, and Connecting, Minneapolis Parks (published: June 22, 2020)
This Listicle highlights 10 bridges that are either located within a Minneapolis park or connect park areas. While the number of unique bridges within Minneapolis parks is much greater than this list, it offers a user-friendly combination of pedestrian and street bridges that are located all across the city.

#3) Three Minneapolis Parks to Enjoy #HammockLife (published: September 11, 2018)
Published back in 2018, this Listicle has become one of our most viewed posts of all time, and snuck into the top three visited in 2022. While we love a park hammock hangout, be sure to check out the best practices and additional resources section within this post to help ensure and protect our natural resources.

Image courtesy of @cjkluver

#4) Five Spooky Stories about Minneapolis Parks (published: October 19, 2020)
A Halloween favorite, this Listicle shares five stories about spooky Minneapolis park traditions, events, and sites of the past. Take a journey back in time with an awesome collection of old photographs supplied by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s archivist.

Children in Costume, 1966, courtesy of MPRB.

#5) Five 5K Trails that Run Through Minneapolis Parks (published: September 25, 2020)
Appropriately coming in as the 5th most viewed Listicle this year, Five 5K Trails that Run Through Minneapolis Parks offers some of our favorite 5K running trails in and around Minneapolis parks. If you’re training for a big race, or just looking for a relaxing walk or jog, these trails are a perfect escape from your home, workplace, or other daily routine.

Running at Lake Nokomis, courtesy of MPRB.

5 Listicles That Deserve a Another Read

#6) Seven Ice-Covered Minneapolis Lake Activities (published: January 20, 2022)
As we approach the coolest months of the year, we are bringing these seven ice-covered lake activities back on your radar. Whether you like to ski, skate, glide, or just celebrate on Minnesota’s iced out lakes, here’s a list of sports, festivals, and activities to slide right into this winter.

Ice skating on Lake of the Isles, courtesy of MPRB.

#7) Five Films (and One TV Show) Shot in Minneapolis Parks (published: February 4, 2019)
Originally written back in February of 2019, we tapped our friend, Stephanie Curtis, co-host of Minnesota Public Radio’s the Cube Critics to share a few movies filmed in Minneapolis parks. To our surprise, there are quite a few flicks which includes scenes shot in our city’s green jewels!

On set of The Mighty Ducks, 1992, at Peavey Park.

#8) Four Healing Powers of Nature Found Within our Parks (published: September 23, 2021)
There is an endless list of reasons to spend time in nature, but a growing body of research points to the benefits of exposure to the natural world on our health, reducing stress, and promoting healing. In this Listicle from September 2021, we share a few ways in which nature can heal and suggest five locations in Minneapolis parks to feel its benefits.

#9) Five Parks to Catch Site of Winter Birds (published: January 26, 2021)
In this wonderful Listicle, inspired by our Next Generation of Parks Event: Winter Birding 101 with Dudley Edmondson and Monica Bryand, we highlighted 5 local recreation areas that offer bird friendly viewing destinations. Bird feeding stations are great for increasing the likelihood that you’ll spot a bird this winter, but trails and other green spaces near water – especially open water in the winter – will always attract birds as well. Take a look at these prime locations for the upcoming season!

Image courtesy of MPRB.

#10) Five Remnants of the Past Still Visible in Minneapolis Parks (published: December 7, 2018)
Over the years, parkland is graded and re-graded, new buildings go up and the old ones come down, and park amenities once considered cutting-edge eventually grow obsolete and are removed or abandoned. Despite the momentum of progress, a few remnants of the past still exist in Minneapolis parks. These “leftovers” allow us to literally see and touch park features that were wiped off the map long ago. Take a look back in history at these five remnants of the past.

Maple Hill Cemetary, courtesy of Forgotten Minnesota.

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